A Card Matching Game
With An Intersecting Twist™

Object Of The Game:
To Outscore Your Opponent(s)
By Playing Cards "Across" Or "Down"
Object Of Solitaire Po-Rum-Bo:
To Place All 52 Cards
On The 81 Square Game Board


A Poker Meets Rummy Board Game
That Criss-Crosses Cards On A Board

2 Decks Of Mini Playing Cards
(Each Deck Contains 52 Cards & 2 Jokers)
1 One Minute Sand Timer
1 Po-Rum-Bo Game Board
1 Po-Rum-Bo Game Rules



Included Cards In This
Card / Board Game
Can Also Be Used To Play:

Poker & Rummy
Plus Solitaire

A 1 - 4 Player Game For Ages 8+

Also Available For Play:
Any Card Game
Requiring A Standard 52-Card Deck